A complete Software Solution exclusively for

attorneys, CPAs, enrolled agents,

and tax resolution firms.

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Designed with Efficiency in Mind

Build automated Workflows in simple steps

Get remote work done faster and easier

Auto Populated State and Federal Forms

Request customer signatures from anywhere

Contract Management

Manage Task for your team and customers with reminders

Build and Maintain Customer Relationships

Collaborate with your customers like never Before

Onboard New customers

Migrate Old Customer datab

Get paid faster with Billing and Invoicing

Find New Customers Faster

Capture leads directly from different sources

Organize Your Leads like never before

Sales Interviews to Qualify your customers

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Powerful Reporting, Dashboards & Integrations

Unmatched Visibility

Customer Life and Process cycle Journey

Get insight into all your activities

Visibility into Individuals and Team Operations

Track sales and Back-office performance

Graphical analytics dashboard and sale statistics

Native Integrations making your work flow faster

Safety is in our DNA

We take data security seriously. We protect your data and your clients’ sensitive private information from falling into the wrong hands using both server authentication and data encryption

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